Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Anthony took some sensible pictures of my new tattoo the other day.

Here you can see the relative size of the thing.

(I know, I'd been scratching round it...)

Then he took this rather funky angled shot that shows him, me, and both of my tattoos (even if my hummingbird just shows as a small black blob!)

I have a day off tomorrow so I shall attempt deep thoughts and post something...or I may just play lots of Zelda.

(I'm annoyed that my hair still looks so red. It's very blonde until people take pictures of it! Roll on the summer and pictures taken in natural light!)


pocketpunk said...

wario ware is VERY good. If you get stuck on zelda.....i can help u owt......we've finished it. . .yay!!!!
Tatt looks good. Bet it smarted like a BITCH

EmLah said...



love u


Kate said...

PP - You've finished it!!! I am impressed! Tat didn't really hurt, just tuned the noise and the pain out together somehow. The iching afterwards was a complete bugger though.

Em - You're gingerer than I am! ;-p

eshop600 said...

I likes your tattoo, it looks timeless and its really different never seen one like it b 4.