Thursday, March 01, 2007

Happy Valentines!

This is what I got for Valentine's Day...

Labyrinth Tattoo

It's nestled just between my shoulder-blades and currently aches.

I think the aching is also possibly due to the fact that Anthony bought a Wii yesterday too. All that nunchuk waving as I try to spank Rabbids and bowl strikes has made my arms ache. It's exercise though!

That's one of the contributing factors behind its purchase, the fact that Campbelli has one and has stopped going to the gym because she's getting lots of exercise from it. Also the comments that one of his co-workers made about "sitting back and watching her bounce up and down" (ahem) - I can't even work out how to explain that so it doesn't sound smutty so I won't.

Anyways, it's stonkingly good fun, although the cats are a little confused by it.

You'll get a photo of the actual tattoo when it's no longer covered in clingfilm and antiseptic cream - in about two days.


EmLah said...

u shudnt still have clingfilm on it! only supposed to cover it for like 3 hours after!!!!!! hehe i know im the expert i still have more than u!!! but yey for the tattooooo, i meant to text back but i was goin to tescos and got distracted by the need to buy camembert even tho i had 1/4 of one left in my fridge, i know its bad but i couldnt face the idea of running out lol :) YEY FOR VALENTINES!!! well yey for u for valentines anyway im sure i might get a card one day heh


EmLah said...

oooooo and i've had lots of hair cut off, its about an inch past my shoulders now, very light head feel very very strange heh.


Kate said...

They told us three that's what I'm doing. It itches so it stops me scratching!
We demand pictures of your new short(er) hair! (Anthony wants to know when you're getting it cut again, I think he thinks you're going to do a Britney!)

Michelle said...

Wow, that's a very interesting tattoo! Since forever I've thought about getting a tattoo, but I'm such a wimp and I will never be brave enough to actually go ahead with it...

Anonymous said...

Kate that's beautiful, it's so you! I had to keep my clingfilm on for three days too and then apply a cream called tattoo gunk to keep it moisturised.
I'm really pleased you're happy, you seem a completely different person nowadays compared to last time a saw you in Waterstones. GO KATE!!!
I do hope you don't mind that I pop in to read your blog, sometimes a feel like a peeping tom! STAY HAPPY
x x x x

EmLah said...

lol ther will be pictures after tonights drunken escapades, lol i had to put nappy rash cream on mine (worked really well) and keep the lil piece of kitchen towel on it for 4 hours, in canada it was vitamin e cream and keep it covered for a day and that first one was keep it covered for 6 hours put vaseline on it and wash it after the 6 hours. i must say tho the one that itched the least was the kitchen towel/nappy rash one :)