Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bloody family

My horoscope this morning made me grin.

"Worries about a relative who lives far away might be plaguing you today, KATE, and the situation isn't helped by the fact that you may not be able to reach them by phone or e-mail. You may have to go around them and contact mutual friends who might be able to give you the information you need. Circumstances probably aren't all that dire, and there's probably nothing to be overly concerned about, but you need to hear this. Keep trying!"

They're all fine, I thought to myself. Spoke to the parents at the weekend and IM'd with Emily the other day.

Then tonight I got a phonecall to inform me that a member of my family had fallen down the stairs when pissed, no bones broken but some nasty cuts from the glass they'd been holding at the time.

It wasn't my student sister, it was my old enough to know better father.

He downplayed it all when he called me, it was mum who said that when she saw him at the bottom of the stairs she thought he'd broken his neck.

But he's fine, got all checked out and patched up by some lovely Essex paramedics and technicians. Mum was saying that if he hadn't been pissed he wouldn't have tripped, but if he hadn't been he'd definately have broken something.

Honestly, you get to the age where they've just stopped worrying about you, and then you have to worry about them!

So I'm distracting myself from the desire to go straight home and hug him by playing some WoW.



EmLah said...

shud have seen me when i got off the phone to him i was shaking from head to toe, pip had to take me outside and force a cigarette on me! needless to say i got very very drunk last night and ended up falling flat on my back in the middle of a club and being picked up by 3 nice men lol


Kate said...

I was fine until I'd gone to bed. Then I woke up out of a screaming nightmare and had a panic attack.
Phoned Anthony who just let me cry down the phone at him and then turned up at 2am after he'd finished work so try and calm me down a bit.
So he's a saint.
Love you xxx