Wednesday, February 14, 2007


After we'd opened our Valentine's cards this morning (my first in three years!) Anthony made me toss a coin to choose my present. I chose Tails, and so it was. He then told me that Heads would have meant a trip to the jewelers to buy a nice bit of bling, but that Tails was a surprise still and I can't have it until my week off.

So I have a whole week and a half longer to wait! Arrgh!

Other than that we had lovely steak sandwiches and after he went off to work (5-1 shift this week) I've watched Breakfast at Tiffany's and Chocolat. Nice films and a lovely evening.

I've been fuzzy stressed recently, not stressed about anything in particular, just remembering what was going on this time last year really. Plus we went to a wedding on Saturday where I spent most of the time trying not to cry over the fantastically cute 4-month old baby that was there. I calmed myself down my working out how many days til I can start divorce proceedings...

Can't wait for my break from work. I've needed it for ages and then with all the changes that are going on I've got to the point where I'm dreaming about work again and just can't switch off. That was one of the things that was nice about today, being able not to think about work for a bit.

Oh, the changes?
Our manager has gone to another branch for six months, so we have a new manager (Ian) to replace her. Then our assistant manager has gone to replace Ian at his branch so Richie Fingers has stepped up to be our assistant manager. Add into this Campbelli doing her CRSM job two days a week, Fi and Phil doing extra hours to compensate and the fact we're all trying to fit in's a little hectic. But all still fun - if it wasn't for the idiots we get in our shop. But that's a whole different story...

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Beki said...

My first visit to your blog - a lovely read.

The valentines surprise sounds intriguing!

And its always good to meet someone else who has a house ruled by cats and books!