Thursday, February 01, 2007

A nice little bit of luck

I had rather a lot of library fines.

I know, I know. I'm ashamed of myself. Does it excuse me by saying that I acquired them because the Yeti used my ticket and "forgot" to tell me - about 18 months ago.

Ah well.

I owed them £41.60, which my lovely mother sent me as a birthday present. So I went in today to pay it off.

Girl - That's your account reactivated then.

Kate - How much is it to pay again please?

Girl - Actually, nothing.

Kate - I'm sorry, did you say nothing?!?

Girl - Yup. We're having an amnesty in February for anyone rejoining the library, like you. So no fines to pay.

Kate - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I got myself some books out (and I've made a big note on the calendar for when they're due back) and I now have some spare money.

I had planned to finally buy my Unseen University Cut-Out Book(s) with it, but having just spoken to my mother she says I can't spend it on books.

Since I'm trying to eat less chocolate I can't spend it on 168 creme eggs either (12 for £3.50 at Woolworths, £50 = 168 eggs + £1 left) so I don't quite know what I shall do with it.

I know the grown-up thing would be to put it back in the bank to pay towards my gas bill, but that's not much of a birthday present.

When mum rings back I shall confer with her and she what she thinks would be a suitable purchase.

Update: Mum says put half of it towards the gas bill and spend the other half on something frivolous - but not books.


EmLah said...



Michelle said...

Not chocolate.. not books.. I'm at a loss, what on earth are your other options?

Kate said...

Emily - done!

Michelle - I know! Normally I'd treat myself to some Lush stuff but I got so much for Xmas?Birthday I don't need anything.
I'm thinking of buying something nice for the house but I don't know what.

MarkFarley said...

How about the Jade Goody Therapy Fund?

It's the new Waterstones charity...