Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Is it Thursday?

It's certainly been one of those days today.

It started off ok, not late for work or anything, but the day got crazier as it went on.

Campbelli (who came in when she's supposed to be on holiday) and Fingers were coming up with grand plans for the kids department and none of us noticed the time so the breaks all got a bit late. Then I ended up in a HUGE queue in Boots when I went in for some more Sudafed Max.

A school phoned up needing a list of books that they wanted five minutes ago (if you know what I mean, it's a phrase that's easier to say than write!).

Then just as we thought things had calmed down a bit an old lady came in to sit down as she'd felt a bit faint while in the bus queue and ended up fainting into my arms. I was trying not to drop her and put her down carefully (since she was quite frail) while Fingers tried to track down Rich Daws (our first aider). Then we had ambulances and first aiders turn up and try to convince her to go to hospital while I sat on the floor supporting her for half an hour or so. Despite the ambulance crew trying to convince her to go, she held firm and got a cab home. (I hope I'm that bolshy at 86).

Just as we'd all got back into the swing of the afternoon, Rich Daws announced he could smell burning plastic and we all started hunting round the shop for the source. It turned out to be the sign above the lift, so we turned the light out and hoped it would stop. The smell went away but we're hopefully getting it checked tomorrow...

At least it did a good job of distracting me from the fact that this day last year I spent the day in hospital.

Thanks to the fabulous Tim from Random House I managed to get my mitts on a proof for the new Katie Fforde so I've decided my evening will be well spent by running a hot Lush bath and spending a few hours reading my new book, drinking wine and eating chocolate. That way I should get a good nights sleep to cope with whatever the real Thursday decides to throw at me!


MarkFarley said...

We got Chris Fowler in a couple of weeks...

Kate said...

Ooh you jammy so-and-so!
I've been looking at his books for ages, but they've never made it to the top of the "buy" list. One reason I'm so glad I got my library ticket back!