Thursday, January 04, 2007


So I STILL have no heating or hot water.

When he drained the boiler to fit the new parts one of the valves failed. This means that while my boiler now works, no water will stay in it. Apparently this is quite a common problem with old boilers when they get drained, but my boiler is not that old that he thought it would be a problem. He was surprised at the condition of my boiler to begin with.

So Anthony is coming here tomorrow morning when he finishes work, since there is no way in hell I can take another day off.

I'm so angry.

Angry as hell with my useless letting agents for starters. They phoned me back at last yesterday after my phoning them on Friday, and then had the cheek to ask if it was fixed! Plus, I've never had the electricity and gas safety certs that I've been after for months.


Once again today I will be washing my hair with a couple of kettles of water. I shall be doing some washing up, but not all of it, just enough so that I can cook another casserole which has the nice side effect of warming up the kitchen slightly. I shall again be confining myself to my living room and kitchen with all other doors shut and again be sleeping on the sofa in three layers of clothes.

If I had hot water, if I had the cash to buy some electric heaters like I had at the old house (where we had no central heating, but did have a very good gas fire)...the hot water is the main thing. No heating, ok I can cope with little heaters and layers of clothes, but no hot baths to ease my aching knees is hell.


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