Monday, January 22, 2007

Customer Satisfaction

A young lad walks up to the counter, can't be more than 20. Dark hair, dark eyes, looks good and knows it.

He places a copy of 'The Modern Kama Sutra' on the counter and looks up at me.

"So, your place or mine?" he says with a smirk.

In return he receives a raised eyebrow from me.

"I'd have to see if my boyfriends free" I reply.

The transaction continues as normal except he's gone a little bit red.

As he goes I say "Enjoy the book" and get a brilliant smile in return.


I'm not used to customers trying to flirt with me, last time I managed to short-change the guy cos I was so flustered. This time I'm flattered but at the same time the ultimate unanswered question pops into my head.

Why is it only guys under 20 who buy the Kama Sutra?

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the oe said...

If you don't know... you don't wanna know.