Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Yeah, yeah I know...

...I'm terrible at posting in here. But the truth is I've done absolutely nothing interesting recently!

I get up, go to work, come home, read and then go to bed. I am just so tired at the moment and I haven't been able to shift it. My bones ache most of the time and walking home from work my knees stop working properly because of the cold so when I get home all I do Iis lie on the sofa with a kitten on each knee and read books about warm places and energetic people! (Just working my way through Tamora Pierce's books at the moment).

I probably could have given myself more sleep on Sunday, instead of getting up at 3am to watch the Grand Prix. But I got up, watched it, and then went back to bed for another six hours so I actually had more sleep (3 hours, then six) than I would have done if I hadn't got up as I would have been up about 8.

Next week I have a whole week off! In fact I have EIGHT days off in a row (and then Sunday at work, and then Monday off!) Then the week after I only do Tues,Wed,Thurs and then it's the Easter weekend and we're popping down south for a couple of days.

Ok, the fuzzies have just reminded me that I should be getting ready for work...so I shall.

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