Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Two things struck me when I read the news this morning.

First I was saddened by this shooting in America. After speaking to Georgia I understand the gun ownership point of view a lot more, but I still wish that they'd DO something about things like this.

*and relax*

The other story was also sad and shocking. Humberside shooting. It was sad that the guy died, but he was driving a van the wrong way down a dual carriageway and then decided to get out a wave a sword at police despite being warned. The thing that I noticed was that once again....
Mr Murden's family said their son was brought up a committed Christian.

I just don't get what that has to do with it. There was a girl found dead in a abandoned warehouse round here last year, from a drug overdose. Now she was pregnant and still took drugs and it killed her. Her mothers quote in the paper was about the fact that her daughter was a Christian.

Is it some sort of get out card? She was a commited Christian...so that means that it was ok for her to be taking drugs? That it excuses the guy from threatening police officers with a sword?

Now if something happened to me and one of my family said "But she was a commited Pagan" would it have the same effect?? How many people would think serves her right? and how many of them would be the ones feeling extra sorry if my satement had said Christian rather than Pagan.

I got flack from the religious right today at work...can you tell?

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