Friday, March 25, 2005

Back down south

We're heading back down south today to see our folks.

We haven't seen them since xmas, and haven't been back down south since the beginning of September. It's going to be weird without Emily there. Christmas was bad enough, but then I just tried to convince myself that she'd had to stay home for work wheras now she won't be at home and it'll be harder. I miss my sister, can you tell?

It's the first time we've left the kittens alone too. Kate from work is going to be popping in to keep an eye on them, she has her own key with a pink label stating that it is "Kate's Kitten Key". I shall miss the little fuzzies, but we will be seeing the BIG fuzzies and Phoenix's folks. Khan and Alice are going to seem huge compared to Esme and Foley. I'll have to try and get some photos of them as comparison.

Esme has just jumped up onto my lap and managed to curl up without pushing the keyboard off my knees. I think it's cos she's trying to fit in the patch of sunshine on my right knee. It's very awkward sitting on a beanbag and juggling kitten, keyboard and gets even worse when Foley decides he wants a cuddle too. I think Esme must be sleepy as she's not trying to catch my fingers as I type!

We got Microsoft Money the other day. I downloaded loads of bank statements but then couldn't make them balance. So I deleted them all and then just downloaded back to last September and then matched them all up against the paper statements. I also looked at the report that tells you what you've been spending money on (after you catergorize the items yourself), after food, loan payments and "cash withdrawals - miscallaneous" I spent lots on books. Strange that...

Speaking of books, Phoenix just looked at me when I brough a huge pile of them downstairs earlier to be packed. But only two of them were for me to read, the rest of them are for my folks to borrow (and most of those are proofs too!).

Ok, I'm off to tat around on eBay until Les gets here.


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