Saturday, March 19, 2005

*and relax*

This week has really been so wonderful. We've not done a whole lot of anything really, but that's what's made it so great.

We've played board games, watched tv (including Extreme Makeover: Home Edition , Renovate My Family and Dog The Bounty Hunter)

I just realised that the last time we spent more than two days together without having to do anything or go anywhere was the week that we got together...I think we need to do this more often!

I watched Somethings Gotta Give tonight, which was a funny film. It put me in a soppy frame of mind though so instead of channel hopping I've just put Magic on the tv and so I'm sitting listening to a few soppy love songs and iming Matt (from work) about Harry Potter.

I think I shall post some song lyrics in a bit.

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