Thursday, May 29, 2008

My own Moving Castle.

After my discovery of a cardboard Moving Castle earlier (now sadly unavailable unless it appears on eBay) I have got the book to read in bed tonight and put the film on to watch while I eat/play WoW.

Watching the film does make me go "Nooooo, that's so not right!" every five minutes or so although I do like the way old/young Sophie blend every now and again), a bit like LOTR really. But I do like Billy Crystal as Calcifer's voice. To honour the film I have been playing one of my alternate characters on WoW - my Blood Elf hunter Sophee and her pet lynx Calcifer.

I have also managed to find this lovely link to a downloadable model of the Moving Castle.

Now all I need is a printer...


Michelle said...

Haven't see the movie or read the book. Want to do both though, soon.

Emma Jayne said...

wow I love the castle never seen them before! x