Friday, May 16, 2008

Girlishness - I don't really have it.

My gene for face masks, shoes, earrings, gossip magazines and dresses seems to have been mostly taken over by the one for Warcraft, football, motor racing and CAT boots.

However, I think it's planning a comeback.

As well as that footstool I just mentioned, I also ordered a dress from Additions.

It's from the Trinny & Susannah collection which very much put me off at first as I really quite dislike that pair. They're just a bit too mean for me and I'll stick with the lovely Gok.
But this here dress has changed my mind a little.

I liked it on the page, so I thought I'd order it and if it's crap I can just send it back.

Oh. My. God.

It's beautiful. Not quite as nice as the sexiest-dress-in-the-world but it comes very close. It's not as dressy as that dress which is the main reason (men everywhere will be puzzled by that sentence).

This dress is lighter and floatier, and also much more forgiving.

But the real reason I think it awoke my girly gene...I tried it on and thought:

"I'm gonna need some new shoes to go with this."

(What's that? You want to SEE the dress... sorry. Here it is)


Caroline said...

the link won't work and I really REALLY want to see the dress :)


Kate said...

Fixed it!

Caroline said...

Very very lovely.


girl with the mask said...

...Perhaps the wrong thing to say but I read somewhere that actually, Gok can be quite awful to his 'projects' behind the scenes... At least T and S are upfront about it! (great sounding dress) x

Emma Jayne said...

The dress is lovely!!!

What shoes have you decided on? :o)

L.C.T. said...

It's so hard to find shoes for dresses. Especially when you have size 10 feet! Did you decide on shoes in the end? I'm not that girly either... would have to be one unbelievable dress to awake that particular gene for me I think - I love my jeans too much!