Friday, May 02, 2008

Healed... Phish Food.


I followed the lead of wonderful Caroline when on my day off yesterday by adding Google Reader. I spent a happy half hour or so adding blogs to it and then getting it set up to my satisfaction. The only problem with the bloody thing is that when I'm trying to fill in time by reading cuts this time right down.

Luckily Michelle is discovering some new ones for me!

Hopefully once my sister gets into RADA (not trying to jinx you, doing the positive thinking thing) then she will blog more (even if it will all be about technical lighting stuff etc).

Now I'm back off to Outland and then early to bed.


Caroline said...

I did see the cutting down blog time as a good thing, but now I will have to go out and find new blogs to read too ... there is logic in there somewhere?! (hidden)

girl with the mask said...

I can only be cured by Cookie Dough.

fatboyfat said...

Google Reader is probably the finest invention since the seed drill. OK, I might be overplaying it slightly, but it does rock my - admittedly geeky - world.