Thursday, April 03, 2008

Drinking and Random Dad Fact #3

It was Jo's leaving do on Saturday night, and after a quick stop in The Litten Tree (packed full of Wolves fans watching their team get thrashed, Man U fans watching their team win and various chavs) we dashed through the rain to The Combermere Arms.
Matt had randomly appeared at work during the day (the new Lee Child book is out) and so he was there too.
Poor Matt felt a little young for once I think (makes a change from me feeling old) since the next youngest person was Jo, and she's only five days younger than me.
But we chatted and gossiped and nattered and talked about porn so it was really the same old kind of work do, rude and fun.

We were in the front room with the jukebox and quiz machine (on the right as you go in, bear in mind this pub was a house and is weeny small indoors) so of course I had to put music on, and Liz very kindly covered for my evil cunning plan by asking to hear the David Hasselhoff song that was on there!

A very good night was had by all really, and I'm glad that although Jo has finished working with us (*sob*) she hasn't actually taken off for the other side of the world yet and so we can go to the pub with her again!


Random Dad Fact #3

While I was putting bad music on the jukebox, Anthony had a go on the quiz machine. Now he's rather good at these things and only occasionally asks me for an answer.

This time it was a good one.

Anthony - you know this one babe?

I look at the machine...

Q: Which instrument was Bix Beiderbecke famous for playing?

1. Trumpet.
2. Saxophone.
3. Double Bass.

In the interests of being a pedantic bitch I would like to point out that none of these is right, he actually played the cornet, but for the purposes of the machine trumpet was the correct answer.

I know this because of watching The Beiderbecke Affair and its sequels far too many times after being introduced to them by Dad.

It's not the only "Jazz Fact" that I know, but it comes close...


EmLah said...

the amusing thing is the musical i'm doing has abot 3 biederbecke songs in it :) and mr Sam Boardman-Jacobs a cantankerous old crippled-gay-jew (i bring that up cos he always does) who reminds me very much of some of ma n pa's friends told us if we lose his biederbecke cd he will destroy us all as its got irreplacable songs on it!
ooooooooo la


Kate said...

This would be the same mr Sam Boardman-Jacobs that I got a query about at work wouldn't it?

I should have put that up as a random dad fact all on its own!