Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lazy Holiday

I have very deliberately not done a lot so far this week. I've slept until I wake up naturally (usually about 10am) or if woken by a cat at 6am (Esme) then I doze in bed until I want to get up. I've been going to bed at night when I feel tired (about 1am) and yesterday I had a nice little nap on the sofa when Henman got rained off.

I've been tatting about with photos on Flickr and got myself a pro account on there at last so I can load what I like. I've even set up a blog just for Foley (Esme will be on there occasionally too) to highlight the fact that she is in fact completely barmy.

Foley has both honoured and disgraced herself this morning. She fought and defeated an evil spider-in-the-bath and brought it to me as a trophy.

Then she alerted me to the fact that when I'd put the washing machine on I hadn't moved the hose and so the kitchen was getting a little wet. (Nothing got horribly soaked luckily).

However she let herself down completely when she jumped up onto the hatstand. Instead of meowing like mad until I stood up and let her jump onto my shoulder, she took a flying leap to land on my back where I'm sitting at the just a vest top. I sense I will not be wearing one of my new back-revealing tops on Friday night, as I fear people will think I've got too close to a tiger! (The bleeding did stop eventually).

Apart from being clawed to death and flooding the kitchen I have also moved all the stuff that was piled up in the back room, painted the piggy bank I got for Xmas, finished listening to The Last Continent on audio, read several books, connected up the Wii (although I can't actually make it work and will have to reorganise the scart leads once Henman has played), eaten lots of cheese on toast, read lots of random blogs and gone ding (leveled up) quite a lot on WoW. I've also created two new characters (Undead Warlock and Tauren Shaman) to get myself away from my Alliance bias.

I did find something funny when I was sorting out pictures onto Flickr. In my collection of old information posters (photographed from a diary my mother gave me and now cut out to go up on the stairs) I found this <---- picture. Now that is when I've got my holiday this year, I've been daring and actually taken two weeks off together now, and then I've got a week in September (only partly cos when I went to book holiday July and August had already been snaffled by Campbelli, Fingers and Ian). This time of year has always been different. Last year, rain and sun, year before sunny, year before that I got sun burnt one day and then nearly drowned the next. This year I decided to be optimistic and buy some sun naturally the weather is terrible, and I'm starting a cold! I have high hopes for the end of next week though. As an aside, I do think that those information posters should be revived. Think about it, we saw those growing up and so know not to drop litter, how to cross roads etc. Today's "hoodies" are just exposed to adverts for things they should aspire to own rather than ways to behave. Maybe they should be brought back by our new PM?

The cheese in the fridge is calling me...

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