Thursday, November 02, 2006

Feeling old

My baby sister turned 21 today.

Since I can remember pretty much everything I did the day she was born, it's made me feel rather old.

Spending my fourth day in a row trying to make the Children's department make some kind of sense didn't help me feel any younger. Especially when I recommended the brilliant Each Peach Pear Plum to a customer and then realised that the book was published in 1978 so it's the same age as me. (It does mean I've requested the 30th anniversary edition as my 30th birthday present from Emily).

Chris was being grumpy today so I asked him which episode of Grumpy Old Men he would be appearing in so I could tape it. Much to my surprise he didn't throw anything at me and just replied that it was the episode after the one of Young, Gifted and Broke that I would be in.

I think that was quite a nice compliment really. Everyone knows I'm broke, but it was very nice to be called young and gifted too!


Michelle said...

I'd only flicked through Each Peach Pear Plum when working in the bookstore, but I thought it was cute and bought it for Boy. I now adore it (as does he) and can recite all the words. Boy giggles everytime I do :)

Campbelli said...

Fantastic! Glad to hear Chris is still his old self and that you're trying to put the kids section into order. Only 9 days left and I'll be back. You have been warned!!! Only joking I'll be so glad to be back that I think it's safe to say you've got a good few days where you'll be able to get away with anything!!

Campbelli said...

Me again! Just thought you might like to know I've done some Christmas shopping online! How technologically advanced am I!!

Kate said...

Michelle - One of my other favourites is The Tiger Who Came to Tea. Esme makes me think of it when she starts drinking out of the tap!

Campbelli - Not only am I looking forward to you coming back next Monday, and very impressed that you've online shopped...I'm more impressed that you used the word "technologically" in a sentence! ;-)

Campbelli said...

Just so you know I had to type it Tech "pause"
No "pause again"
Logi "pause some more " Cally "Pause but only to raise fist in air in victory"
Some things will never change.

Huw said...

Blimey. Youg Gifted and Broke. That takes me back.