Friday, November 10, 2006

Blogger, bowling and a slightly mad cat

Blogger is on the blink for me at the moment, but since I really felt I should be posting I am writing this in word and will publish when I can.

I had a very nice weekend last week, Anthony came round about 3ish and took me out to Merry Hill for a spot of shopping (a nice treat since I spent the morning doing my weekly house spruce-up). We went into lots of shops, but managed to stay controlled enough to not go into Lush and to only buy some of the chocolate buttons from the new Hotel Chocolat shop. We did spend a little bit of dosh in Ann Summers though…but those purchases are not for public consumption.

In the evening we went bowling with Alf and Mick (who’s just split with his fiancĂ© Sarah, so needed cheering up). The bowling alley we went to is the one where one of Anthony’s ex’s works, which worried Alf slightly, but since Sam is an ex from about 1998 I didn’t have a problem, and she’s a lovely girl.

Now I haven’t been bowling for about 5 years, I think the last time I went was with Emily and I had very long blonde hair…I think it was Easter 2001! So I wasn’t expecting to do very well so requested cider to drink. This was I would either get tipsy and my game would improve, or I’d get tipsy and not care.

The first game I got 5 pins with my first ball…and then didn’t score for five more balls. Ah well. But as you will see from the scores below, the cider did indeed affect my game.

Mick 85 107 90
Alf 93 105 95
Anthony 74 127 111
Kate 48 51 97 - I came second in the last one!!!

Anthony would have got even higher than 127 if he hadn’t saved his three strikes in a row until the last three balls of that game. We only paid for two games but got three because Alf kept breaking the machinery and we had to keep swapping between lanes 1 and 2.

After that I lost 4-7 to Anthony at air hockey as by that time I’d had too much cider and kept missing the puck. The cider consumption also meant that I sang along to Queen all the way home, although Anthony was kind enough not to cover his ears all the time.

When I felt better on Sunday morning, we went to Asda in search of Sunday lunch and bought some very nice sausages to have with mash. Once again I peeled far too many potatoes but this meant that on Monday night I could have lovely fried up left-over mash and sausages…mmmmm.

Then the rest of this week has been work and sleep really. Regional manager visit on Tuesday, phone calls from Campbelli at Sutton Coldfield to ask my advice on Crime books, Bod gave me a very nice box of Thornton’s chocs for working at the uni (I’m back there again tomorrow as Sat is an Open Day there) and RichieFingers has been generally amusing and occasionally Scottish as he tidies front of store.

Addendum: The mad cat is Foley (as usual). While I was typing this, she came hurtling in from outside and climbed up my back onto my shoulder. Then she was purring like a mad thing and rubbing her face round and round in my hair (just washed with Lush stuff, including the last of my Veganese conditioner). Then she started kneading my head with her paws and chewing my hair while still purring like a flipping train. This lasted five minutes and then off she went again. Cheaper than an Indian Head Massage I guess, although I don’t think it’ll catch on with the general public.

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