Monday, September 11, 2006

Yes, I intended to post about my holiday week tonight, but I got caught up in my struggle to get my new paladin character to level 40 (time for a free horse) tonight.

This also meant that after I'd had Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on, the tv got left on during part of How To Find A Husband. Now I like that Sally girl, but it's not my kind of show at all.

I'm glad I left it on though, as she was holding a dating night in a laundrette in Notting Hill and when she mentioned Notting Hill I looked at the tv just in time to spot Mark's bookshop! This has meant that I've had to leave the programme on just in case he turns up, although I'm sure he'd have mentioned it.

I promise to blog about my relaxing week off tomorrow...honest.


OE said...

Did you get the horse?

Where will it live?

MarkFarley said...

We were on How to Look Good Naked the other week too. They did the whole show the woman on the side of the building on the side of The Bookseller to the Stars. Rachel Johnson brought in the BBC last week as well and we were on the London news, or at least my Notting Hell window was.