Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Holiday week (1)

For once I only had 7 days off in a row (I'm usually clever and manage 9) but since only 4 of those counted as holiday days I'm lucky there!

We started the week with a list of things that we wanted to get done.

  • 1) Blind up in living-room.

  • 2) Curtain poles up in back bedroom and new spare bedroom (which is currently the library until that moves downstairs).

  • 3) Cut back hedge.

  • 4) Take the three unwanted mattresses to the tip.

  • 5) Move library downstairs.

  • 6) Put up curtains in dining room/new library.

  • 7) Clean all the ground floor windows.

  • 8) Collect Anthony's old bed from his house and put into new spare bedroom.

  • 9) Buy new pillows, duvet and bedlinen for spare bed.

  • 10) Choose paint colours for rooms. (These all have to be passed by the landlady too).

  • 11) Collect fish tank.

  • 12) Move all Yeti's rubbish to front room.

  • 13) Move computer boxes to spare room cupboard.

  • 14) Fix door to back hallway.

  • 15) Defrost fridgefreezer, move it to front room so the Yeti can take it away, and replace with Phil's fridge.

  • 16) Buy curtains for upstairs and front room.

  • 17) Buy blind for living room.

  • We managed 10 of those things (2,3,4,6,7,12,13,14,15,16) and managed to buy a duvet for the new bed, but no pillows yet.

    My garden feels so much bigger now. Wednesday Alf came round and between then they took about 2 foot off the height of the hedge which has increased the amount of light amazingly. They did manage to piss off my Asian neighbours though, as the old guy (the one who hit Foley) came out into the garden to watch them, and ended up throwing branches back over the fence. Don't really care if we pissed them off though, after all it's their hedge and they should have been cutting it back too. Angela noticed it straight away as it also means her garden gets lots more light which is brilliant.

    Wednesday was also the day that the mattresses went. Alf brought his trailer and they went off along with all the bits of hedge to some nice tip somewhere. We nearly cleared out a load of the wood from the garage too, but the gates in the back lane got locked after the first trip out (and I have no key) so we've left that for another time.

    The curtain poles were bought and measured up on Sunday while I was at work. Then when I was waiting for the Yeti to arrive on Tuesday to take his stuff away I spotted some nice curtains on and bought those for £9.99. We've just put up one of each in each of the rooms upstairs as we don't need more than that up there and they look gorgeous. (I really have to get a new battery pack for my camera so I can take pictures).

    The front room now seems so much bigger since the Yeti has taken his junk away. The horrible unit is still there, but I'm planning to start dismantling it this afternoon and then the bits should be easily disposed of. Then we can move the bookcases downstairs and start making that room really cosy.


    Campbelli said...

    Glad you had such a relaxaing and productive week. Can't remember what that feels like!! Have so far been to Walthamstow, Ashford, Hastings, Alton and Lymington. Still have 8 days in Lymington, Aberdeen, Dundee, Kings Lynn, Lincoln and Sutton Coldfield left!!! Will be away till at least middle of November not sure how the Bod will take it but never mind these things have to be done and I'm learning all about geography in the UK. Did you realise how far north Aberdeen is??????????

    Kate said...


    Now I know all the places you have been to and you're going to, I have a cunning plan...