Thursday, March 16, 2006

Welcome Richie Fingers!

Richie from work has just got himself a shiny new internet connection and today asked for my blog address so he could see what I'd been writing about him.

I protested that I hadn't posted about the time last week when he stabbed himself in the head with a stanley knife because he forgot he had it in his hand when he answered the phone.
I also confirmed that I very rarely post about things he would be interested in, such as saxa-ma-phones, Rik Mayall, pink shirts or the best places to hide from your assistant manager when you've managed to insult him yet again.

He still wanted the address.

So just for him - my favourite picture of him taken at our works party last year. Richie is the one on the right, and Matt is on the left wearing Richies glasses.

They were both a teeny bit drunk.

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