Sunday, March 05, 2006


Some of you might have been wondering exactly why I had a weeks holiday off work, went back for five days and then had another week off. Bad timing really. I found out I was pregnant again at the beginning of Feb and part of the weeks holiday was to relax totally and hopefully reduce my stress levels so as to make miscarriage more unlikely.

Best laid plans...I was off last week due to my second miscarriage.

I'm coping, I promise. I spent that whole week in a kind of daze, but now I'm doing mostly good. I think it's cos I was only just coming to terms with the fact I was pregnant again and then I wasn't. Unlike last time where I'd had 2 months to get used to it, this time it was only 3 weeks.

That's why my Yahoo Avatar was crying in a bad pink blanket for a while, but she's now all dressed up and ready to get on with things.

Life sucks sometimes, but hey - I'd sooner be here-and-now where I can be high and low, rather than back at uni where there where no highs or lows, just everything the same.

I may rant about it at a later date, and it goes partway to explaining some of the very odd posts from last week.

The sun is shining, I've been swopping emails with an old friend, I have a purring cat on my lap, three bad films to watch and a new box of chocolates from Hotel Chocolat ready to be scoffed. Life is good.


EmLah said...


overnighteditor said...

I know that it can be like a small bereavement. Text can mislead, but the sense I got from your post was one of emotional strength.

Thanks and best wishes.

Kate said...

Thank you. I'm feeling quite strong this time round. I'm also being gentler on myself when I feel tired and grumpy.
Thanks for the best wishes too.

MarkFarley said...

sorry to hear about this...

thinking of you. xx