Friday, February 24, 2006


I've just seen a British Gas advert where they're saying that you can get your gas bill frozen so that you pay the same price for the next however many years. There are probably people thinking "Great, this way I can avoid their 22% price rise".

The price rise starts on March 1st....the offer applies to the March 1st prices.

How many people have noticed this I wonder? They're certainly not making it obvious (although I didn't expect them too).

I'm not with British Gas, in fact I don't know who our gas supplier is (I'll have to find out). I know that it is someone who is eco-friendly(ish) though.

We're with Good Energy for our electricity though and I haven't noticed paying the extra £2 a month compared to nPower, plus I feel better for being with them - it gives me a small eco-friendly glow.

One day I want to have a house that has its own solar panels, mini turbine and anything else that will help it to be self sufficient in terms of energy.

It's a slightly more attainable house wish than that for the giant old fashioned library room complete with studded leather sofas, book ladders and antique globes.

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