Saturday, February 25, 2006

Books and Insomnia

I put a post up on the Abebooks Book Sleuth forum the other day to find a book that I've been looking for for years and years. A genius person found the title for me and I managed to buy it for the grand total of 57p! (& postage).

This then inspired me to pop onto Green Metropolis to see what I could find on there and I had enough funds to order myself three books on there! The book I had been looking for originally had two stories in it and I managed to get the second one from GM and the other two books are two Mary Stewart books that I've been half-heartedly looking for. They were ones that I wasn't going out of my way to track down, but that I'd buy when I saw them if you know what I mean.

So 'The Sixth Seal' arrived yesterday (from Abebooks) and I demolished it in one sitting and this morning 'Madam, will you Talk?' arrived and is my planned book for this afternoon.


I haven't been sleeping well recently for various reasons and so have been keeping very odd hours. The last couple of days I have been sleeping in 4-5 hour segments about 10 hours apart which means that I've been watching very bad tv at 4 in the morning quite a lot. I've also been watching LOTR-FOTR in bits as I've been putting it on and falling asleep then going back to the last bit I saw when I wake up.

I read Books, Baguettes & Bedbugs yesterday and then popped onto Wikipedia to read a bit about the shop. Going onto Wiki was a mistake....

Between 1am and 4am this morning, these are a few of the subjects that I read about, pretty much in the order that they somehow linked together:

Shakespeare & Co.
Rive Gauche
Museum of Modern Art
Starry Night (I'm wearing my Starry Night shirt today because of it)
Don McLean
David Crosby
Neil Young
Terry Pratchett (don't ask how he links to Neil Young, I can't explain it)
Carnegie Medal (It's nice to see how many of these I have read - makes up for not reading any Booker ones!)
Lucy M. Boston
The Manor
Paranormal Television
My So-Called Life
Joan of Arcadia
Veronica Mars

At this point I started going round in circles and ended the night by reading all sorts of odd things about diegesis, Icelandic language, and monophthongs.


MarkFarley said...

clearly missed off The Bookseller to the Stars from that list!

Kate said...

I just did a search on Wiki for "Bookseller" and "Stars" and got...nowt.
Sorry dude.

EmLah said...

can u send me sixth seal??? iv been lokin for it for ages i thought it was seventh seal lol! they had it in the anglo library here i read it on your recommendation. i know me! read something someone else recommended! i must be gettin better lol.

MarkFarley said...

story of my life, man...