Thursday, May 10, 2007


Nothings been happening that's worth blogging about really. I'm worrying about having a house to move into, trying to eat healthily, trying to pack all my possessions and enjoying the fact that Anthony is working days this week so I actually get to spend time with him in the evenings.

I haven't been spending much time online other than to nip on and check blogs/FaceBook so I can't even post an entertaining list of random blogs that I've been reading.

Today I went and paid the admin fee to get my references for the house I want. It's on hold for me now and when (not if) my refs come back fine I can then sign the contract - appointment made for next Friday at 6. So that's helped with my stress a little bit, the fact that I can't seem to get myself in gear and actually pack things is another problem.

I've got almost all my books packed up, and have also filled a box with bubble-wrapped precious things. I get all proud of myself that I've packed lots...and then I look around and realise I haven't! That's partly cos I'm leaving the things I use most until last (of course) and so they're everywhere making me think I've not done enough.

I'd been thinking about changing my broadband/tv to try and save some money and then a nice guy from Virgin phoned today to offer me some funky package. Apparently it'll be easy to install and all that and can be done next Sat when I plan to move in. So hopefully I shouldn't be without broadband for too long when I move, but I shall keep Twittering via mobile so you should know whats going on.

Better go pack some more stuff...

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