Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lack of blogging and unpacking...

Hello folks! (in best Neddie Seagoon type voice)

How you all doing out there? Well actually I know how most of you are doing as I've been reading your blogs but not actually writing one of my own. Campbelli told me she was shocked at my lack of bloggage so I thought I'd better whip up some inspiration from somewhere.

I'm still unpacking, naturally. In fact, there's still stuff at the old house to be moved over here! Most of it is bits and bobs that weren't essential to be moved straight off (xmas tree and decs, boxes of stuff from school and uni) but there are occasional things over there that I really wish I had moved that weekend (like the microwave). Since it is only a two minute walk between the houses, moving things hasn't been too bad, it's just getting up the umph to go and get them!

Most rooms are mostly done, but there's still boxes and bin bags scattered round the place. I've taken some photos of the house so far (which I will post when I've uploaded them) including my current wardrobe arrangements (black bags scattered across the spare room floor), the front room (with boxes of odd things that currently have no home) and my bookshelves in the middle room - which are about the only things that are "properly" organised so far.

Those bookshelves actually nearly drove me round the bend, trying to fit my favourite authors onto them in combinations that made sense but that also fitted! Then yesterday I made the mistake of buying the new Meg Cabot book (Size 14 Isn't Fat Either) and nearly cried when I realised it wouldn't quite fit! Luckily my bookselling skills came to the fore and I was able to fit it on in true bookseller style - the kind that usually fits 8 hardbacks in a space that should only hold 5 paperbacks, you know the style.

I have been "nesting" like crazy. Not in a broody fashion (although I am and trying to resist it), but in a wanting this place to feel like my home quickly fashion. The nice people at Additions decided to raise my credit limit just before I moved so I have splashed out on new throws, cushions and curtains. Now I just await my new statement and monthly payment total...eek!

In other news:
- I got to speak to Mark today after one of his colleagues was an absolute star.

- Campbelli didn't win the award she was up for :-( but she is still the best bookseller in our Division and we are very proud of her for that :-)))

- I have become far too enamoured with Facebook. I'm not spending hours and hours on there, but with the broadband changing (and thus the browser I use) it has become my new homepage... Once I've come online and poked everyone and then gone round and read blogs, whatever it was that I'd planned to blog about has just whooshed straight out of my tiny little brain!

Oh, and the various problems with this house (back door now broken) should all be getting fixed next week as the guy phoned me today to sort out coming round on Monday to start work. Yippee!

Right, I'm off to see what goodies we've got for dinner and to see if anyone has written on my Wall...

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Michelle said...

Good luck with all the unpacking! And I completely sympathise with the books on the shelf problem! (and I've become a little addicted to facebook recently as well!)