Thursday, April 05, 2007

100 again

1. I find typing out the numbers from 1 to 100 really satisfying.
2. Little things mean a lot to me.
3. I’m not adventurous with food…
4. …in restaurants I pick what I know I’ve had before, or steak, or a burger…
5. …except at Café Champagne where I have to have something different each time.
6. I like simple food. (typed while eating bread and cheese for lunch).
7. I can’t now remember why I decided to do this again.
8. But I’m sure it made sense at some point.
9. The cheese I’m eating came from the Fine Cheese Co in Bath.
10. We bought some Old Spot Real Ale Chutney from there for my dad…
11. …but after I tried it we had to get him a new jar (and a spare for me).
12. I know Foley loves me because when I get a glass of water she has to taste it first to be sure it’s ok for me to drink…
13. …then I have to go get another one!
14. I don’t like tea or coffee, the only hot drink I like is hot chocolate.
15. I drink a lot of squash and fruit juice.
16. I keep a bottle of Bucks Fizz in my fridge at all times (Champagne is too expensive).
17. I also keep sparking mineral water in there to have with elderflower cordial.
18. One day I want a big American style fridge with lots of space inside!
19. I am very much enjoying my holiday.
20. It’s giving me time to get to know myself again.
21. The nice letting agent (James) phoned this morning to let me know I’ve got 2 months left in this house. (Their notice period)
22. This is both good and scary.
23. I’m looking forward to moving somewhere that is just mine.
24. I will definitely have a proper spare room for Emily to sleep in when she comes to visit in July for Harry Potter.
25. I’m terrible at keeping in touch with old friends.
26. When I write letters they’re just like my blog posts…
27. …all long and rambly with the important bits crammed in at the end!
28. This year I made a vow to read 12 books that I’m “supposed” to have read.
29. I’ve managed one so far.
30. I have a book that I write down quotes and poems that I like.
31. When I move I want to (finally) get a pin board to stick them all on.
32. I last had one when at home before uni, and I miss it still.
33. These 100 things are quite hard as my thoughts are not flowing right now.
34. I daydream a lot.
35. I just watched the episode where Buffy has to kill Angel and cried as much as I did the first time I saw it.
36. At the moment Buffy is on while I play WoW...
37. ...although later I might watch it some more while I sew...
38. ...or I might watch Shooting The Past that I've borrowed from mum.
39. I love Stephen Poliakoff's work.
40. I tried to watch a Harold Pinter play the other day and it just gave me a headache.
41. I guess I'm not very cultured really.
42. But I'm happy with what I watch and read and that's what counts.
43. As Emily would say; "Meh".
44. Does watching the TV while playing on the PC count as multi-tasking?
45. I'm not very good at only doing one thing at a time.
46. This means I have lots of half finished cross-stitch projects as I sew different things depending on what I'm in the mood to watch on TV.
47. While washing up I thought about how much I love the glasses I have...
48. I had to stop and take photos of them...
49. ...and then Anthony had to finish the rest of the washing up.
50. It's exactly a year today (5th April) that I first had an email from him.
51. I can't believe that it's not been a year yet...
52. ...and my mother already made him put up curtain poles!
53. We only have "serious" conversations in bed.
54. The rest of the time we're always norking tonsense!
55. That was Thingummy and Bob language by the way.
56. They're from The Moomins.
57. Which I still haven't finished watching on DVD...
58. ...but it is 474 minutes long (plus the 696 minute German language version).
59. I love my sister.
60. That might seem a random jump, but she bought me the DVD for Christmas.
61. I still can't believe I won't be in this house after the 4th of June!
62. I shall have to have a big party...
63. ...or maybe just a grown-up dinner party.
64. I never thought that at 28 I'd still be thinking of them as "grown-up dinner parties"...
65. ...I guess that's cos I still feel 21.
66. I always feel younger in the summer.
67. It's my favourite time of year.
68. I love just basking in the sunshine.
69. I was probably a cat at least once in a former life.
70. Although I don't really believe in former lives.
71. I just believe in something.
72. Just don't ask me to define it.
73. (I know it's not stereotypical anything though).
74. I want to go to Ikea and buy lots of glass prisms.
75. Then I can hang them in all my windows to fill my house with rainbows.
76. I would like to be good at gardening.
77. But I forget to water things!
78. At the moment I have 5 different notebooks for writing things in.
79. One day I'll just put everything in together rather than having different ones for different things.
80. But I love buying pretty notebooks and then I need things to write in them.
81. I adore my new tattoo.
82. It's in the perfect place, but sometimes I wish it was somewhere I could see it too.
83. I'm on the lookout for a labyrinth rug that Ikea used to sell.
84. Then I can have it in my new library room to make it even cosier.
85. I'm dreading the thought of packing my hundreds of books.
86. My spell checker had a problem with this number and a full stop, but not with any of the others.
87. Stopping typing just made Foley wake up and give me a sarcastic look.
88. That usually only happens when I start being noisy, not when I stop!
89. I like things to be beautiful as well as functional.
90. That's why I love my see-through umbrella.
91. And also why I crave a straw dispenser.
92. I have a passion for fairy lights.
93. I want to write by hand more.
94. I feel guilty when I have to work sunny summer Sundays, like I'm insulting the wonderful weather.
95. One day I hope to finally stop biting my nails.
96. I love being blonde again.
97. I feel more like myself than ever.
98. That is A GOOD THING.
99. I have just remembered there are Gu Puds in my fridge.
100. I made it to the end again!

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