Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sunday, Sunday

(sung like Monday, Monday but with different words....)

I am so chilled right now. We had a nice long snuggle in bed this morning before he had to head off to the wrestling and then I got up and did some cleaning.

Now my living room is all tidy, the washings hanging upstairs and the cats are curled up on the (hoovered) sofa.

But I am cold, it's getting to be the time of year again where he's too hot and I'm freezy icy woman. So I have made a decision and put the heating on. Not so high that I could wander about nekkid, but high enough so I don't need to be wearing gloves to type this. In a few weeks it'll settle down and this temp will be ok but for the moment I am cold. Besides, having the heating on will make the washing dry faster - it's all very well for FLYlady to talk about laundry rooms and dryers but all I have is the washing machine in my kitchen!

Ok, I'm off to try and play some games (despite the computer being so slow now broadband is off for a bit) and to snuggle with my kitties.

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