Sunday, September 25, 2005

Hmmm dusty...

I know, I know. But I'm hardly ever online long enough to remember to come on and update.

We still haven't got broadband back yet and I just end up checking my emails and then logging off as the connection just seems so slow. I have found that AOL do a Daily SuDoku puzzle which is quite nice, but I want my BT Yahoo back!

Found this about Warcraft on the BBC and it made me both glad that I'm not on there to catch it and sad that I'm not on there to see if it has affected the server I play on.

We have just signed up to ScreenSelect who are one of those DVD rental postal sites. We've "Bill Bailey: Part Troll" and "Stage Beauty" so far. Watched BB last night and I'll watch SB today. It means we can watch all sorts of new stuff and lots of good old stuff for not a lot of dosh and means that we can road test new films before deciding if we like them enough to buy them.

That's pretty much all we've been up to. I've been doing lots of cross-stitch and picking out little projects to attempt for christmas, and I'm still just about FLYing - I'm procrastinating about the Control Journal (I bought her version, but 3-ring binders are not standard in the UK and I have no hole punch, and can't decide whether to try to buy a USA style folder.....etc etc)

So the plans for today are, do some washing up, change the bed, snuggle with the kittens, watch Stage Beauty, and watch the GP later. There's probably a few other things to do as well, I could do with doing more washing, but have nowhere to dry it so probably won't. I shall make a list of household things we need to buy instead (like airers).

Emily moves into uni today so I am feeling rather old. I shall put on the Bluetones and Bowling for Soup and dance like there's no one watching (which there isn't, apart from the cats).

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