Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Nicest breakfast in the world?

Now bear in mind two things. 1) I'm only 26, and 2) I'm not a big fan of breakfast. Eating early in the morning makes me queasy, I can manage something when I'm done rushing about and walking to work, but before that I just feel sick.

Yesterday I decided to try eating breakfast again, but with no cereal or milk, it didn't happen. So when I went to buy lunch I thought I'd get some cereal and try again.

Now I have found the nicest cereal in the world (if you're not allergic to any of the ingredients anyway). I bought it in Marks & Spencers, mainly because I had no actual cash and so was spending a voucher on food. I think it was £1.99 for the box, not cheap but then again it's the only cereal I've ever had where the serving size is right. I've always gone way over the serving size after trying it, but today it was perfect.

Anyway, let's give you the details.

Triple Chocolate Crunch

For chocolate enthusiasts everywhere, a myriad of chocolate sensations in one cereal bowl! Deliciously moreish crunchy oat cocoa clusters are a unique receipe to us. We have added melt-in-the-mouth white & dark chocolate curls with over 40% cocoa and fudge-like truffles to ensure you experience chocolate heaven in every mouthful.

The closest comparison I can make is chocolate HobNobs smashed up - except nicer.

Plus, it's not as high in calories as it sounds.

When I brought it home last night Phoenix looked at it and laughed.

"Why are you laughing?"

"You know when Campbell does her whole "If you were me, and I was a book, which shelf would I be on" when she's looking for returns?"


"Well if you were a breakfast cereal and I was looking for you..."


"You'd be that one"

(I think it was a compliment)

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EmLah said...

so true so very very true. but my sister, who taught me the milk and a couple of cornflakes in a bowl trick. is eating breakfast.



(very hungover urghy)