Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Smiles at last!

Sorry I haven't updated for so long but last week was exhausting! I actually fell asleep on the sofa at 8.30 on Friday and still managed to sleep right in Saturday morning.

I've been spending lots of time on the local FLYLady group and as a result the living room is sparkling and the kitchen isn't buried in washing-up.

I've been coming up with designs for cross-stitch raffle items for WitchGrove, you can see one of them here. I got another cross-stitch book out of the library last night for a bit more inspiration to will be tatting with that later.

My Lush parcel finally arrived today (I ordered it about two weeks ago but the post has been pants again) and as soon as I opened it the kittens went mad! They love the smell of Karma (I bought a Karma Ballistic) but they also adore the shredded paper used as packaging ad they're currently fighting with it all over the floor! Esme also appears to be carrying a potato.... *goes to check* ...yup, we had tinned potatoes with our lovely chicken last night and I thought they were grim so left most of them. Esme has decided that they're nice though as she's carrying it round in her mouth and growling at Foley when he tries to grab it.

I had a shower with my new Lush Chai shower gel and then used my new moisturiser (Afterlife) so the world smells beautiful at the moment, it goes well with the weather actually being sunny today.

We also had the modem for broadband delivered today, but we can't connect up til after 8pm so I have to restrain my desire for speedy connection.

Jamie and Juell are both free this afternoon and we made vague plans on Sunday for a quick trip to Ikea, so will have to text them and see if they still fancy going for a wander, it'll only be a wander as I don't get paid til Friday and have no cash to spare.

Right, I'm off to try to find a venue for our wedding reception!

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Mab said...

Hey! That's a very lovely cross-stitch!