Saturday, February 19, 2005

Busy, busy bee

I was in a real nesting mood this morning, didn't want to go to work at all, wanted to tidy my house and then spend the day snuggling with my kittens and my man.

But I did get myself to work and had a pretty good day really. Even with the fur coated lady who was horrendously rude to me when I served her and then came back to argue with Campbell.

Although it was so funny when she did! The till had put through one of her books at £6.99 rather than the £7.99 it said on the back of the book, it was the cheapest book in her 3-4-2 offer and she came back to argue with Campbell that I'd charged her £1 too much. So Campbell carefully refunded her £18.98 (£9.99 + £8.99 + £6.99(free book) = £18.98) and then sold her the books again at the correct price of £18.98 (£9.99 + £8.99 + £7.99(free book) = £18.98). The woman did try to prove that she should have still got £1 back by being ruder to Campbell (she told her to "keep her wool on" and Campbell just looked at the womans fur coat) and adding up the receipts very loudly so that everyone could see just how stupid Campbell was being by not giving her the £1 back....except of course that the fur coated lady was the rather stupid one.....

She was easily the best customer of the day!

I did lots of snuggling this evening to make up for the fact I was at work, and tomorrow we're going out for a meal (after work again).

Roll on Wednesday and my next day off....

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