Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bad Girl

I know I'm a crap blogger at the moment, I just can't seem to get anything to stick together enough to write it down.

But I did photograph my new shoes for you, even if I have not written about looking for them and asking the salesgirl for "impossible shoes really. Cream sandals, must have an ankle strap, preferably a kitten heel that's no more than an inch" - "Yup, they're impossible shoes" she said, and sold me those instead. Well I say sold me, sold Anthony actually. But he picked them out and I'm going to wear them at two separate parties in the next month so that justifies the price (which Emily would say is not a lot for shoes but I think they were expensive). (Oh, I wrote about it...w00t!)

Go and play the first line guessing game on Michelle's blog instead and I shall go and play some more WoW and make notes whenever I think of something I could possibly blog about.

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