Wednesday, September 05, 2007

To Do List

  1. Wake up to Foley purring in my ear.
  2. Have fairly productive morning at work.
  3. Have horribly frustrating and unproductive afternoon at work.
  4. Walk Campbelli to her car and share rants about work.
  5. Get home to letter from bank informing me that because I have gone £30 over my overdraft (due to a £30 charge they did not inform me about), they will be charging me £30.
  6. Throw boots across room in frustration and burst into tears.
  7. Put on "Mr Brightside" very loudly and sing along.
  8. Make delicious Black Russian.
  9. Sing along loudly to "Fat Bottomed Girls", then turn music down as remember that double-glazing is pants and if I can hear the "brothers" sitting on the wall outside, they can hear me.
  10. Blog.
  11. Check email/blogs/FaceBook.
  12. Put on pizza for tea.
  13. Make another delicious Black Russian.
  14. Earn 90 gold on Warcraft. while eating pizza, watching CSI and making more Black Russians when required.
  15. Buy flying mount.
  16. Go to bed feeling better.

Selection from Thursday's To-Do List.

  1. Buy more vodka and Tia Maria for making Black Russians.
  2. Go to bank.
  3. Have better day at work.

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